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This is a PPT on marketing training, PPT theme for "top sales staff is how to make" Top Sales into mind; PPT Content: How did i make it? 1, everyone is blind (to allow customers to have blind spots); 2, all are animals (the purchase is to ease); 3, four buyers (one can not less); Please see the following details: Psychological blindness theory: The concept of blind spots is that a person in the process of watching, or in selective cognition, there is a blind phenomenon, he can only see the limited possibility, and therefore, the exclusion of certain information perception. Peace of mind is the key: The customer is blind, and once he focuses on the shortcomings of your product, it excludes the perception of the product's merits. He refused me to be normal. Often think so, the mentality of peace. Beast born with: Human beings as an animal, natural pursuit of happiness, to escape the pain. Customers do not buy your product, because the purchase of your products can bring happiness you did not say enough to lose the pain caused by this product you did not say through. Four buyers: Engage in sales, can not just look for economic buyers, economic buyers around those who have to deal with good! Otherwise, they no matter who is a bad idea, let your business do not make a job. Economic buyers: generally refers to the company CEOs Use buyers: all classes are possible Technology buyers: veterans around the cronies Coach: CEO secretary or executive Salesperson 16 words Proverbs: (When we can not see the economic buyers, we must go to see the technology buyers or the use of buyers, with their power (in order to take care of them) Eliminate the threat), let the training and development of the coach as a daily job, which is your mine before the sale of work, or may be minefield), enough is enough (do not let the coach to do too much responsibility, too much pressure thing);If you are ready to be an excellent marketing staff, or you are now in the sales position, ready to do even better, then it is strongly recommended that you download this PPT to watch. He will give you a new inspiration for your sales work;

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