"Special day" picture book story PPT

"Special day" picture book story PPTFrog Frog is eating breakfast. "Today is a very special good day!" He excitedly thought. Hare said yesterday, why today, especially why, Flog will not understand."Very special, what does that mean?" Said Flog, "there must be something wonderful!"He went out the door Sunny, cloudless, hot weather. But there is nothing special about it!Yesterday is the case, yesterday's yesterday is yesterday, yesterday's yesterday is the case. Frog decided to ask the ducks."Duck, what day is it today?""I think about it ..." said the duck, "it is Friday, no, and so on ... it seems like Wednesday ... it could be Tuesday.""Is there anything special?" Asked Flog."No," replied the duck, "today is today.""Foolish!" Flog thought, "confused one, do not know anything!" Maybe the pig knows it will be more. Pigs know everything.

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