Snowy day warm gift book story

"Snowy day warm gift" picture book story PPT

"Snowy day warm gift" picture book story PPTAunt's garden is the best in the world. All the vegetables you want, all neatly lined up here.One day, Millie and Jasmine found aunt aunt lying in the tomatoes.Aunt Aunt said: "If you can die here, how good!"You will not die, you're just breaking your legs," said Dr. Smiley, "you can walk again after six weeks."Six weeks!" Cried aunt aunt, "I can not lose my vegetable garden for six weeks."We'll take care of the garden," said Millie."We'll give you a pair of needles and some wool, and you can weave a winter blanket," said Millie."It 's a good idea," said Dr. Smiley."I do not like to have a sweater," said Aunt Maddy impatiently. "I'd rather stay in my garden!Aunt aunt kept grumbling and began to sweat slowly.By the end of the week, she was still in the weaving line, but did not complain so much.At the end of the month, aunt Madhe fell in love with the weaving thread ... ... she never complained.Six weeks later, Dr. Smile said, "Six weeks have passed, and now you can go back to the garden.""I'm not ready to go back to the garden!" Said Madame Aunt impatiently.

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