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Children 's picture book PPT download: "pig love" PPT;A boy pig holding a flower, looking for a partner around, along the way, met the giraffe, elephant, crocodile and so on animals, but again and again was rejected, no one is willing to become his lover. Pig did not be discouraged, and finally he found a beautiful gentle girl pig. The story tells the children: do anything, do not be discouraged, the right is the best."Pig love" the name of this book is afraid to scare some parents it: the child was only a few years old, how to tell them love this kind of thing you? Do not worry, "pig love" is not really talk about love, but by "love" the subject, to solve the most likely to cause child anxiety identity problem. And then the words come back, let the children from childhood to "love" feelings, but also nothing wrong?Open the first page of the book, pig "get together, on the face filled with the joy of love", so no reason, but the children of this reason for the joy of no fear is unfamiliar: childhood is like this thing. It is piggy in the "joy of love" to promote the next to go out to find a girlfriend's move a bit bold, but thin to come, this and the children had no different, the most critical is to find the most suitable for this The game man.Pig is the first to find the giraffe, but she is too high; that elephant? She is too big! Then, the fish to live in the water, the bees have to fly in the air, for the pig. It seems not the right girlfriend. As for the big crocodile, she opened her mouth to be scary, in addition to public crocodile, who is willing to do her boyfriend!Looking for so long girlfriend, touched so many times the wall, piggy's enthusiasm and joy also consumed almost the same. "To find a girlfriend, how so difficult ah!" Pig asked him in distress. But this is not the real problem, the author of the more important issues hidden in the story inside, in fact, pig really want to face, is "Who am I? I should find what kind of girlfriend?What kind of girlfriend to find a pig? She can not be as tall as giraffes, nor can it be as large as the elephant; she does not live in the water all day, but can not always want to fly to heaven, and she can not be as crocodile so fierce ... ... In short, she should be small Pig is almost good.Ha, the answer came out. The other side of the road came the girl, she is not a pig? She is a little feeling with us is just a pair of right, so the pig should be the other side of the pig, this in the adult world and then the simple common sense, in the eyes of young children have a thrilling meaning, also this Constitute the climax of our story. Our pig, in the process of looking for love found himself!For the self-personality is slowly forming the period of the children, the "pig love" is indeed a good story. Perhaps, over two years they read this story will feel dull, and even "love" the word feel shy, but in the most critical years of children, in all the days of ignorance, such a story will help children Looking for yourself, but also to find the most suitable for their friends and "love".

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