Owl kitten book story

"Owl and kitten" picture book story

§ Owl and kittens "British" Edward Lear (Edward Lear) Jane Burnett Painting (Jan Brett) Translation: Yi Ran Recommended reading age: 3 to 6 years old Introduction: This is a hundred years ago, according to a hundred years handed down a picture of a child painting and calligraphy, talking about an owl in the Caribbean and a cat love story. Over the past century, there have been a dozen illustrators for it with the painting, Jane Burnett (JAN BRETT) this version is one of the best. Her portrait is a needle line embroidered out, every corner is nuanced, in order to draw this book, she also went to the Caribbean to study the local scenery, wearing and unique animals and plants. Jane in the United States is very famous child painter, her book sales great, nearly 30 million copies.The owl and kittens sailed together on a pea green boat; they brought some honey, and some coins, especially a five-pound banknotes. The owl looked up at the stars and played a little guitar: "Oh, cute kittens, oh my beloved kitten, how beautiful you are a kitten, you, you "What a beautiful kitten you are!" The kitten said to the owl, "how wonderful is your sweet bird, how wonderful you are! Oh! Let us get married! Precious time should not be consumed in vain; Where did the engagement ring get? "They sailed for a year and a day ... came to a land with a clock. A wiggy wolf stood on the island, and his nose was set with an engagement ring, his nose, his nose, and his nose was set with an engagement ring. "Dear pig, are you willing to sell your baby ring with a shilling?" The pig said, "I am willing." So they took the ring and the wedding was held the next day. Turkey on the hillside. They cut slowly into pieces of wood pear, and their cutlery was a fork. ① runcage (runcible spoon): a kind of three broad-edged spoon-shaped utensils. The English word for the runcible was invented by Edward in this absurd poem. Then they hand in hand to the beach under the moonlight dance. Moonlight, moonlight, they dance under the moonlight. Author: Edward Lear (1812 ~ 1888) is the British poet, a London stockbroker's youngest son. Neil is a painter who is famous for painting landscapes and birds. He had given the Queen Victoria a painting class. But he is famous for his grotesque poetry. For example, there was an old man with a long beard, and he said, "It makes me worry! Two owls and one hen, four larks and one wren, all Nest, built in my beard! "His most famous work" Owl and Kitt "is a series of poems, Neil has written an" owl and kittens of children "as the end, in 1888 he Died, but did not leave a complete poem. "Owl and kitten's kids" (excerpt) Our mother is a kitten. Our father is an owl, so we are both small animals and birds, our family's brothers are wearing a feather jacket tweet, our family's sister was long hair, there is a long tail shake ah shake.

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