Leadership Leadership in highlevel leadership training corporate companies

"Leadership and Leadership" in the high - level leadership training of corporate companies

"Leadership and Leadership" in the high - level leadership training of corporate companies. PPT Author: commoner son. If you want to see other excellent PPT works, please click on the commoner label. "Leadership and Leadership" PPT Content: Chapter 1 Leadership Chapter II Leadership Chapter 1 Leadership "Leadership" is a kind of ubiquitous behavior, entrepreneur leadership to create performance, political leaders lead the people concerned about national issues, military commanders to lead soldiers to defend the country, the leadership of the leader of the popular leader ... "There are almost a lot of leadership and love, and everyone knows it's there, but it's hard to say," says Warren Bennes, the great contemporary organizational theory and leadership theory. So, how to describe the leadership behavior? In fact, the pursuit of the original meaning of a word, at least two ways, one from the word literal meaning to start, the second is the word corresponding to the foreign words to start. It can be seen that the original meaning of "leadership" is to lead everyone in the established direction of the behavior, and the purpose of leadership is to achieve the objectives of the organization and work. And this is the "China Enterprise Management Encyclopedia" on the leadership of the definition: "leadership is to lead and guide any organization under certain conditions to achieve a certain goal of the behavior process. These are confusing words: "Do not indulge in management, and quickly lead it!" "The vast majority of organizations are over-managed but under-leadership." "The United States is not to do the world's police, management of the world, but to go to leadership world." Leadership and management of the background. Often, people are used to use "leadership" and "management" as synonyms, and in fact, "leadership" and "management" are two different concepts. On the historical relationship between "leadership" and "management", it can be seen as follows: "leadership" is the universal behavior of human society, from the primitive society era, tribal leaders began to lead tribal groups "Daguai, upgrade, picking up equipment ", For the territory and so on. "Leadership" is actually a very old knowledge, its academic source can be traced back to the earliest 2,500 years ago, Laozi era. It can be said that since the organization, "leadership" produced. "Management" one of the oldest human activities, from the ancient Egyptian pyramid to the Great Wall of China, these great construction projects have fully proved the ancients excellent management skills and management practice of a long history. And "management" as a typical organizational control behavior and specialized academic research field, it is quite "young", it is mainly industrialized society, especially the 20th century industrial organization of the scale of the operation of the ideological product. The difference between leadership and management: In the Western management theory, "leadership" as "management" of the four basic activities (planning, organization, leadership, control) and one of the existence. So, we can borrow this theory can be drawn, "management" is a big concept, and "leadership" is subordinate "management" of a small concept. Because "leadership" behavior in the primitive society, "management" behavior in the slave society, than the "leadership" to late. Then, it can be said that "management" originated in the "leadership", but from the concept, including the "leadership." Leadership and management of the difference: However, the organization in the professional managers under the "management" to a certain extent, but more and more lost the "leadership" of the original simple "lead", "an example", " And "incentive" and so on. In this context and the situation, naturally put forward a request: the pursuit of "management" of the original "leadership" significance, so that the implementation of the authority of the "manager" to change the role, change the function, return to "full of passion", " The "leader" role. If there is a difference between leadership and management, it is also like the difference between the left hand and the right hand or nose and mouth, it is meaningless to divide them apart theoretically. - Drucker Collapsed, why did Drucker say they were no different? From the "leadership" and "management" is always a mixture of words, there is no essential difference between the two, indeed, their common purpose is to achieve the objectives of the organization. However, because the development of management is becoming more and more important, the "leadership" is re-emphasized. With the development of management science, "leadership" is increasingly being treated as an independent The "leadership" and the "management" of the leadership function is also relatively weakened, so that "leadership" and "management" also naturally produced a significant difference, it can be said that this distinction is the artificial theory of the Institute The resulting result. Managers try to control things and even control people, but the leaders are trying to liberate people and energy. - John Cotter Moreover, as a noun from the point of view of the meaning of the "leader" and "managers" naturally also had a significant difference, known as the "leadership of the first master" Harvard Business School professor John Cote said: Managers try to control things, and even control, but the leaders are trying to liberate people and energy. This sentence actually tells the dialectical relationship between "leader" and "manager": "manager" is the work of planning and budgeting, organizing and configuring personnel, controlling and solving problems and achieving strategic goals; "The job is to determine the direction, formulate strategies, motivate and inspire employees, and lead all members of the organization to create greater performance. ... Chapter II Leadership Leaders are not born, we may be because of high academic qualifications, eligibility and may be due to superior technical standards, excellent operational capacity was promoted. After the promotion, the leader is no longer a technical adviser, can not rely on their own ability to be immune, and must play the role of leader. In other words, the reasons for leadership do not guarantee the competence of the competent leadership and work, but it is another set of learning and kung fu. This is why most of the outstanding business backbone in the promotion of leadership, can not adapt to the role and the reasons for the task. "In all kinds of organizations, employees are always promoted to their incompetent status because they are accustomed to promotion and promotion of people who are competent at a certain level," he said. Therefore, to become a truly competent leader, we must continue to learn to do the skills of leaders, that is, learning leadership. The 21st century is a group work, the era of brainstorming, the leaders, how to successfully lead, to achieve goals, and let the subordinates, followers willing to stay around the effectiveness of the more difficult than ever. Leaders are leaders who lead the way, is the leader of the lead, but if the leadership in the front, and no one to keep up with how to do? So how can we ensure that someone else keeps up with herself? This is the leader's leadership problem. Leadership Capability Leadership is the ability to order members to act and do their best to be able to let others willingly accomplish their goals. This ability is influence rather than manipulation, control. Anyone can use leadership, as long as you can influence it, you may be the leader. "The most effective way to find a leader is to see if there is a willing follower," Drucker said. Therefore, the real leadership should be measured by the ability to follow the followers, since that is the leader and no followers, but in the walk. The essence of leadership is influence ... If you are a corporate company leader, download this PPT to watch, you can see where to do their own deficiencies. If you want to be a leader, then this PPT will be your mentor.

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