If you give mouse eat biscuits book story

"If you give the mouse to eat biscuits" picture book story PPT

"If you give the mouse to eat biscuits" picture book story PPTIf you ask the mouse to eat the biscuits, he will tell you a glass of milk.You give him milk, he will tell you to straw.After drinking milk, he will have a towel. Wiped his mouth, he would look in the mirror, see if the mouth has left the milk beard. In the mirror, he would say that the hair should be cut. He will be with you to cut a nail a small scissors.He cut his hair, he would open the broom to sweep the floor. He will be carefully swept away, will sweep more vigorously, all the rooms are swept, but also hard to drag the floor.After the dry, he will want to sleep. You have to get a small box for him when the small bed, have to have a pillow, a small quilt. He will climb his bed, see how to lie comfortable, but also over and over again to beat his small pillow. He will tell you to read a story to listen to.You according to his meaning, give him a picture of your picture book, he will ask you to let him see inside the illustrations. He saw the illustrations, happy, they would say that they would like to draw a picture. He will tell you to paper, to crayon. He will draw a picture seriously. Finished painting, he wants to sign, you will have a pen.Signed his name, he would say that he would like to hang on the picture of your refrigerator. He means that you help him find transparent tape. He posted a good picture, will be back a few steps, standing to appreciate. He looked at the fridge and remembered - he was a bit thirsty. Of course, he will tell you a glass of milk.He opened his mouth to milk, eight nine away from ten, must also want a piece of biscuits, so he had to eat with milk.  

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