I m so worried book story

"I m so worried" picture book story PPT

"I'm so worried" picture book story PPTXiaoli is worried about everything.At home, Xiao Li worried about the tree in front of the yard. "What if it's going to be on our house?" At the playground, Xiao Li was worried about the chains on the swing, the skirts of the screws, and the iron bars. Birthday day, Xiao Li worried that no friends to attend the birthday party. Friends come, she is worried that the cake is not enough to eat.Xiao Li is very worried about the time, will rub the petals of small ears. Xiao Li worried that if she does not stop worrying, small petals ears were almost rubbed her.Her mother said: "Do not worry." Her father said: "Do not worry." Xiao Li is still very worried that she worried, worried, and worried.Soon, Xiao Li has a new worry: school. Xiao Li is worried about school, which is more worried than before things, let her worry. The first day of school, Xiao Li has a series of worry:If no children like me have black eyes, how do?What if the teacher deliberately asked me for trouble?If the kid took my name joke, how do?What if I could not help crying?...She was worried all the way.Mom and Dad and the teacher to speak, Xiao Li look around the classroom. Then, the teacher said: "There is a child, you must know." At first, Xiaoli and Xiaoyu only peep each other. Then they played together, until the time to go home.The children went to the classroom door, the teacher said loudly: "Tomorrow will come Oh." Xiao Li turned and smiled and waved to the teacher: "I will come." She also said: "Do not worry!

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