I love little black cat book story

"I love the little black cat" picture book story PPT

"I love the little black cat" picture book story PPTIt's fishing day! Carmelite and the companions came to the small river, they used to think of the various ways to fish, it can catch it, as long as fun on the line. "Come on, there is only a frog! Quickly chase!" "Oh, my stick fell into the river!" "Stay down to catch the big fish! Haha!" But, half a day passed, they even a small The fish did not catch. "Oh, the fish is not on the hook Well, I go home!" Some chicks have lost patience. "What about the quarrels? The fish are scared away by you!"Everyone hurried to run around, surrounded by chubby pier, helplessly looked at the booty: it is neither salmon nor white spotted fish, but rather One - sack. "This is my! You are far away." Chubby pier proudly slowly unlock the rope ... ... "Ah! A black cat! Run!" "An unlucky black cat!"My little kitten! How could you think of this play? Nose pockets to swim more dangerous ah! "Carmelo think my sister is too timid too." Do not touch him, Carmen! I heard that the black cat will make people die. "" Like you so smart boy, but also superstition ah? "Carmelite a little embarrassed, and quickly to the wretch dry body, so that he warm a little." What is your name? "" My mother is not enough time to take me ... ... "" That's it, I call you 'shed chicken' how? "Oh my little chicken!" ""I was born in the 'four monsoon' mill, all my brothers and sisters have a striped beautiful fur, only me ... ..." "I like to listen to my mother singing in my ears!" "Who is the king? Who is the handsome prince who is it? Of course, my little baby, my little baby, black jacket is the most beautiful ... ... "" But the happy day is too short, and one morning, the miller found I, he fiercely took me from the mother's arms carry out: "Well, you are so ugly ugly! I'll let you go now! "" He put me into a sack, thrown into the river ... ... "Chicken Chicken was too hard to say it.They are actually brought back the unlucky cat! "" It's not like! "" The black cat is like the number '13', and it's like having a good day! "" Damn The most miserable is me, I am allergic to the cat! Wow ... ... "Carmelita's father and mother heard the unfortunate encounter after the black cat, the" shed chicken "very sympathetic They decided to take him first. "Poor little guy!" Carmela was so excited, "I'll have a bowl of milk for you." "Come with me, down the chicken!" Said Pidic, "I'll give you a nest for you."That night, three friends could not sleep, they said it together. "Can we keep the lights all the time?" "Why are you afraid of the black?" "No! Is the mouse ... I am afraid of the mouse!" "I think there is really a mouse near this ... ..." "Trust me Drop the chicken, one day, you will become the most brave cat. Haha! One day, you will become ... ... a big man! "" There are endless? "" Middle of the night even more noisy? "" Also let not Let others sleep! "Early in the morning, the chicken coop outside the chaos, they have to complain to Pidic: "God, our eggs were stolen!" "Must find this thief!" Chubby pound bulging to the black cat: He was his fault! "" Tramp! No one to the cat! "Fat hen aunt to the kitty fiercely roared," you went to my house last night to do what you? Beggar! "" Get out, tramp! "" Get out, tramp! "" Get out of here!"You should not be so on this! This is also too superstitious! Superstition is a neuropathy, a group of neuropathy!" "My sister is right! You are too much too! So that ... ... and she said the same!" "Let's go "Carmen lapped the chicken, turned away. "A few days later, cool breeze blowing, infusion began to fall, shabu down to a place, and then, The bare branches are desolate and tragic. Chicks have never seen such a scene, scared shivering. "Help! Help! The tree becomes a skeleton!"

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