Fox lay eggs book story

"Fox lay eggs" picture book story

"Fox lay eggs" picture book storyFox hungry, they find something to eat everywhere. He looked over the river from the east, looking for the West, even see a big duck!The fox jumped up and kept the egg and could not wait to put the egg in his mouth. Then there was a voice in her head and said, "Do you want to eat ducks or plumpy little ducks?"The fox decided to hatch the ducks and eat it again. He sat on the egg, but immediately jumped up: "This is not to crush the eggs?" He thought of a good idea, then dig a hole in the ground.The fox put the eggs in the hugs of hay, with the forepaws and hind legs clenched in the front and rear of the hole, only soft belly gently covered in duck eggs. The idea is good - eggs can keep warm, and will not be crushed, but this position is too bitterly, less than five minutes, the fox's limbs will be unable to bear the pain.The fox thought of a good idea. He picked up a long bark, then use it to tightly tied the eggs on the belly. He was proud of his masterpiece, did not expect to chase the rabbit when the bark loose, almost to the baby eggs smashed.  

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