Flog Stranger book story

"Flog and Stranger" picture book story

"Flog and Stranger" picture book storyOne day a stranger appeared, and he took a tent on the woods.Pigs first found him.On the road met the duckling and frogs flog, the pig excitedly asked: "Do you see that stranger?"What does he look like?" Asked the duckling."I see, he is a ugly and dirty and cunning mouse!" Pig is very authoritative to say."What is he doing here?" "You have to be careful about the mice, they will steal!" Ducks are also very insightful."How do you know?" Asked Frogge."Everyone knows that," said the duckling angrily.But Frog is not sure, he wants to see for himself.At night, it was dark, and Flog saw a red fire in the distance, and he climbed over there quietly.At the edge of the woods, he saw a temporary tent with a few bars and an old cloth.The stranger burns a pile of fire outside the tent and is cooking. The red flames flashed with a burst of scent.Frogs felt that the night was so warm.The next day a meeting, Flog said to everyone: "I see him!"How about it?" Asked the pig. "He looks very kind," replied Flog."You're still careful," said the pig, "do not forget that he is a cunning mouse.""Yeah," said the duck, "the mouse is lazy and greedy, and I dare say that he will not work and eat only our food."  

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