Excellent works appreciation hidden philosophy in life

Excellent PPT works appreciation: hidden philosophy in life

The PPT through the life of animals, articles to explain the life of some of the philosophy, the PowerPoint produced atmosphere concise, very content. Spider: can sit and enjoy it, rely on is that relationship network. Balloon: as long as being blown, it was flattering. Shrimp: red day, is the time of great sadness. Balance: who give a little more, to whom to bias. Walnut: no gorgeous appearance, there is a full brain. Kite: Because of the constraints of the cable, the height of the flight is too wide, but the length of the line. Compass: thought stable, no matter how good things are not tempted. Watches and clocks: beating their own, to remind others. Saw: eloquent, specifically for the separation of behavior. Ruler: just because of their integrity in order to measure the length of others. Bamboo: every step to climb, to do a summary. Vase: appearance and then beautiful, but also could not conceal the inner emptiness. Nail: understand the intentions of the hammer, do not care about the beat of the pain.

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