Children painted story booboo wave

Children painted picture story: booboo wave

Children 's story book "booboo wave" picture book story PPT download; Author: Olivier Dunrea Translation: Esso Tore Recommended: 0 ~ 3 years old This is boo booboo Wave is a little goose. A blue, greedy little goose. Wave like to eat, from early to late Every day is so. In the morning, she eats everything in the rice bowl. She said, "delicious." Wave to see the hen, by the way to devour their grain. She said, "delicious." Wave to see the goat, by the way the mouth of the poke into his trough. She said, "delicious." Wave to look at the mouse, by the way licking his plate. She said, "delicious." Every afternoon, the waves are swimming in the pond. She went to chew a reed stick. She said, "delicious." The wave is a blue, curious goose. Also very greedy. One afternoon, the waves saw a lot of bubbles on the pond. She swallowed a shiny blue bubble. "Delicious," said Bobo. Then she hit a hiccup. She hugged while she was advancing. She hugged her side while hugging. She hiccups in the water. She hiccups in the grass. "Drink!" Said the turtle. Bobo drank a lot of water. She hit a hiccup, hit out a little bit of small bubbles. "Delicious," she said. Wave is a little goose. A blue, greedy, little goose. What it has eaten!

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