Big rabbitcoward book story

"Big rabbit, coward" picture book story PPT

"Big rabbit, coward" picture book story PPTRabbit bouncing frog jumping and you want to say the words:Everyone has their own fear of things, it is normal, do not need to feel ashamed.So what are you afraid of?At the end of the summer, the sun hangs in the blue sky, the birds cheerfully sing, the soft wind blowing the earth, a chubby flies on the grass and jump again and again.Wait! A chubby flies jumping on the grass and jumping again?Fat flies issued a "bang" sound!"Ah!" Bounce to the shock, "you nonsense!""Haha! I am only fat and big flies Yeah, I want to eat you!" Jump to scare jumping said."I just found out the clothes when the carnival masquerade wear." Jump off the mask, "bounce, we have another carnival, okay?"Oh, I do not have time!" Said, "I'm looking for a carrot! Besides, until the winter is over and the snowman can melt in the sun to celebrate the carnival!""God, that would have to wait for a long time!" Jumping look disappointed.Jumped to see the ground just pull out the carrots, suddenly think of it, one year carnival he dressed as a carrot will be walking ... ...(Suddenly, bouncing to celebrate the carnival!)"So good, though not over two carnival, but we can celebrate the other." Jumped and said."What do you want to celebrate?""Well, tonight, we celebrate ... farewell to the summer, how?""Farewell to the summer?" Jumping eyes wide open, looked puzzled and bouncing.

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