Aha! Kindergarten "book story

"Aha! Kindergarten "picture book story

"Aha! Kindergarten "picture book storyHave you ever thought about kindergarten? Get up in the morning by the big crane from the blanket carry out.Tiger mother gave me clothes.The seal father gave me a face.In fact, we have never been like this; every morning is an alarm clock, I will get up on their own.Mom put on my clothes.Dad and I brush your teeth together, but we are rarely late oh. There will be a lot of happily happening on the way to kindergartenHave you ever thought about such a thing in class? Chocolate of the next game.Scrape a cookie tornado.Otherwise, it will be made and the water is big.Come on the next big popcorn ...In fact, these things have not happened. We every day in kindergarten and teachers, children happy to learn.We sing together and dance together. play games……Do you want to play such a game in kindergarten? Tell the story of the python.

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