A small blanket book story

"A small blanket" picture book story

"A small blanket" picture book storyThe story is about a little girl called Awen, he has a habit, whether it is walking, eating, sleeping or playing with other children, must be with his beloved little blanket, a small blanket with a Text, his heart is very stable, it will not stick all day mom and father. But he grew up slowly and went to elementary school, and he still could not leave the little blanket. As the Arabic language is too small and the blanket is too large, there is a book also exaggerated to draw the story contrast modeling. Alvin's mother and dad feel that to change this situation, not to let Awen too rely on a small blanket, and can not let Awen feel lost a small blanket, how do? Finally, Mom and Dad and Arvin to discuss good, cut a small blanket to Awen made a handkerchief, so that Awen can still take his "little blanket", but also can get along well with the students, to adapt School life.Every child has one or a small thing like a puppet, a car, and wherever he goes. It is not only for them to provide a sense of security, "things", it is intimate "friends".

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