11 kittens do hard work book story

"11 kittens do hard work" picture book story PPT

"11 kittens do hard work" picture book story PPTThe weather is nice, eleven kittens lined up to travel.Walking at the front is the cat captain.The front door has a garden."Wow, how nice it is!" "There is a big sign on it!""Ban, stop, pick, pick.""Oh, it's forbidden to pick it!""But ... it seems like a pick!""There are so many flowers, pick one or two is probably no problem?""Well, if you only pick one, it does not matter.""Well, pick one.""No, can not pick!" Cat leader shouted."Take a pick and pick one!""Meow, meow."The kittens picked each other and inserted them on their heads.Cat captain could not help but pick a.There is a bridge over the valley."What is the big sign?""Dangerous, dangerous, ban, stop, pass, over, this, bridge.""Oh, it's dangerous to boke through this bridge!"  

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