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How can I use/download a template?

Edit the presentation in Google Slides

Click on the button under the presentation preview that says “Use as Google Slides Theme”. You will get a copy of the document on your own Google Drive and will be able to edit, add or delete slides.

Edit the presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint®

Click on the button under the presentation preview that says “Download as PowerPoint template”. You will get a .pptx file that you can edit in PowerPoint. Remember to download and install the fonts used in the presentation (you’ll find the links to the font files needed in the Presentation design slide)

What are the usage rights and license on the templates?

All templates by are free to use under Creative Commons License Attribution 4.0 International. This means that you can use them for personal or even commercial purposes as long as you keep credit to SlidesCarnival.

Please check the detailed license at Copyright and legal information

Can I change the template, delete slides, publish at SlideShare, etc?

Of course! You can do whatever you want: change colors, typography, add or delete slides, change layouts, publish it on Internet… But remember that the templates are free to use under a Creative Commons Attribution license, you can keep the Credits slide or simply mention and other resources used in a slide footer.

How can I give appropriate credit?

You can find an example in the templates themselves, it is the “Credits” slide and you’ll find it near the end of every presentation. However, you can use other kind of attribution that fits your needs better: a mention with a link in the footer of one slide, or in the webpage if the presentation will be embebed.

How can I change the color of shapes and other design elements?

Some design elements (borders, backgrounds, icons…) are placed inside the master slides. If you enter the master slides you’ll be able to select them and change their color, size or position as needed. Follow the appropriate instructions:

How can I use my own photos in the templates?

You can find two types of images in the templates:

  • Background images. Any image that keeps a 16:9 ratio will fit, I use 1280x720px images but you can use a ratio calculator to find the sizes that will work. To learn how to set your own photos as background check Google Slides or PowerPoint step by step instructions.
  • Images placed on the slide, usually cropped using a shape (circle, triangle, etc). Simply click the picture you want to replace and then click the Change/Replace Picture option. Follow Google Slides or PowerPoint step by step instructions.

How can I use the icons and the emojis?

  • Icons are usually in slide number 26 or 27. Simply select in that slide the icon you want to use and copy-paste to the slide where you want to use it.
  • Emojis are special characters and they can be inserted in any text field. Check how to do it in Google Slides or PowerPoint.

Where can I find the fonts used in the design?

All the fonts I use in my designs are free:

  • Google Slides uses online fonts for text so you don’t need to install them on your computer.
  • If you download the PowerPoint file and want the design to appear as seen in preview, you need to download and install the fonts used in the template. You’ll find the links to do so in one of the last slides of the presentation (usually number 24 or 25).

How can I import a template into an existing presentation?

When I change the proportion between 4:3 and 16:9 some elements get distorted

When you change the proportions of the template the app tries to readjust all the elements in it by stretching or shrinking, so some of them may distort. The only solution is readjust them all by hand in the master slides.

Where can I find more free resources (photos, icons, fonts) for my presentation?

I need something more professional for my presentations

I recommend you to buy a professional template for Powerpoint or Keynote at:

How can I learn to design presentations?

If you want to learn there are tons of information in internet on designing presentations. I can recommend you:

And also practice, practice and practice 🙂

Google Slides says I need to “request access” to make a copy

You have to be signed in to your Google account. More info. Some users with Google Accounts hosted by schools or companies don’t have full permissions to use files from other domains in order to protect the students/employees. If that is your case please try one of the following:

  • Use a personal Google account
  • Ask your company/school to whitelist files from url or domain
  • Remember that you can always download the PowerPoint file and upload it to your Google Drive to edit with Google Slides, it’s a workaround but it should work as desired.

I can’t add a footer/header to the template in PowerPoint

  1. In PowerPoint enter the master slides and once there select the first one, the parent slide. In the top action bar the “Master Layout” icon will be active, click on it and in the appearing window check all the options.
  2. Then select the master layouts where you want the footer/header to appear and check the slide footer and header options that appear in the top action bar.
  3. You can now exit the master slides view and insert your content in the footer and header of the presentation.

In Google Slides I can’t click on the slides miniatures on the left and emojis appear on the gray background behind the slides

Is it possible that you have the emoji add-on installed in Google Chrome? It is usually solved if you delete the last slide with the example emojis.

I have two Google accounts and the template is always copied to the wrong one

You need to have two instances of Chrome browser opened (not two tabs, but two completely independent windows of Chrome). One with your personal account and the other with the company/school account. Learn how to create and manage multiple user profiles in Chrome.

Help! I edited a presentation in Google Slides and now I can’t find it

Please check that you made the copy in the Google account where you’re looking. If you have more than one Google account (personal vs school/company) maybe your presentation is in one of them.

Also, check in your recent files in Google Drive to see if you can access from there.

I can’t use the template in PowerPoint online because the fonts can’t be loaded

This only happens with some templates and I still haven’t found a solution 🙁

If you have access to an installed version of PowerPoint you can edit the template and change the fonts before uploading to One Drive.

Do you sell template licenses so I can remove the attribution?

I’m sorry but I don’t provide/sell other license types as it would mean additional management work. I can recommend you to buy a professional template at GraphicRiver, they’re really good and with prices starting at $15 also pretty affordable.

Besides, be aware that I accept more subtle ways of attribution than the credits slide. For example a small link to in the footer of the last slide in the presentation.

How often do you publish new templates?

I try to publish one or two new templates every month. To keep up to date on the latest content I recommend you to follow any of’s social network profiles: Facebook | Twitter | Google +

How do you make the editable icons?

I make the editable icons and illustrations in Adobe Illustrator and then, to use them in Google Slides I follow one of these two methods:

  • If the icon is simple I export to WMF, upload to Drive and open them in Google Draw, then copy & paste to Slides. WMF format doesn’t accept gradients nor transparency (I add alpha and gradients later in Slides).
  • If it is an illustration with gradients I export to EMF, import them to a Powerpoint, ungroup in Powerpoint so they are converted to a “vector drawing” and upload it to Google Drive. Then convert the Powerpoint file to a Google Slides presentation. Works most of the time, but can fail with very complex images.

So, long story short, if you want to make editable icons you need images in WMF (windows media format) or EMF (enhanced media format) and lots of patience. With Adobe Illustrator you can export to these formats. You can also find free WMF files at Openclipart.

Can you design a template about [subject] for me?

I’m sorry but I don’t offer presentation editing services, as is just a side project for me. I can recommend you:

  • Search for a professional at Envato Studio. They have a lot of presentation & document design professionals who can help you at an affordable price.
  • Try using one of templates with photo backgrounds and replace the photos with some that convey your topic.

Can I publish my free templates in your website?

Thanks for your offering! Unfortunately I don’t accept collaborations because that would mean more management work for me and I already have enough ( is just a side project for me). But you don’t need to join me to design templates for presentations, I encourage you to make your designs and share them the same way as I do (you can use social media instead of a website for example).

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